RG6 Coaxial Cable, CMP 18AWG, 75% AL Braid, Dual Shielded, 1000 ft. - White

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Item #: PCC6AF-1001WHI
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  • Plenum-rated
  • Aluminum/PET-foil bonded + 75% aluminum braid shielding
  • 18 AWG solid copper covered steel
  • Sweep-tested to 3.0 GHz.
  • Meets current NEC guidelines, CATVP, CMP
Price: $359.95

    This cable is constructed with a foamed FEP dielectric core and an 18 AWG copper coated steel conductor. It has an aluminum foil shield and a 75% aluminum braid.

    It is also designed for CATV and CCTV applications including installation in plenum air spaces.