RG6 Coaxial Cable, CMP 18AWG, 70% AL Braid, Quad Shielded, 1000 ft. - White

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RG6 is the recommended coaxial cable for distributing signals for cable TV, digital HDTV, digital satellite, and roof-top CATV antennas. Because this CATV RG6 coaxial cable is plenum rated it is the perfect cable choice for plenum areas and thanks to its quad shielding it also protects your signal from outside electrical interferences.

Our RG6 coaxial cable includes a foamed FEP dielectric core over an 18 AWG solid bare copper center conductor with bonded AL foil + 70% AL braiding + AL foil + 55% AL braiding and a white jacket. This RG6 coaxial cable is manufactured to meet current NEC guidelines and is verified by outside standards organizations including c(ETL)us as well as RoHS Compliant. This premium RG6 coaxial cable is also swept tested up to 3.0 GHz.

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