RG59 Siamese Plenum Coaxial Cable, BC 20 AWG, 95% BC Braid, 1000 ft. - White

Item #: PC59AD-1001WHI
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    This RG59 plenum coaxial cable is constructed with a foamed FEP dielectric core, 20 AWG solid bare copper core conductor. The shielding material is 95% bare copper braid.

    It also includes Siamese 18 AWG power wires so you can run power and data to your CCTV network in a single run.

    • 20 AWG Solid Bare Copper Center Conductor
    • 2 x 18 AWG Stranded Copper Power Wires
    • 3 GHz. Sweep Test
    • For Audio/Video, Radio Frequency CCTV & CCTV Transmissions