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8U Pivot Frame Wall Mount Network Rack

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Kendall Howard Pivot Frame Wall Mount Network Rack - 8U

These pivot frame wall mount racks are perfect for patch panels and network switches! Its open back allows it to be mounted directly over a bundle of network cables routed through a wall and the pivoting front will enable you to mount a patch panel, pivot it forward and punch down those cables into your patch panel.

It is made heavy-duty steel, which means it can withstand the force of punching down cables into a patch panel with a problem.

You can make this product work harder for you by adding the Pivot Frame Stationary Rackmount Brackets and the Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack Cover.

The cover fits on the top of the rack allowing non-rack mountable devices to fit securely and has a cable cut out, the stationary rack-mount brackets will enable a rack-mountable device such as a network switch to be installed above the unit. This is perfect as a small, compact open frame wiring solution for a multitude of situations.

Need more space? Stack these racks and use the Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack Cover as a separator between each rack.

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