LC to LC Duplex Multi Mode OFNR OM5 2.0mm Fiber Optic Patch Cable

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  • 40G to 100G Multi Mode OM5 Fiber
  • 7.5mm Minimum Bend Radius
  • Zirconia Ceramic Ferrule
  • UL Listed in Canada and the US
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    This OM5 wide-band multimode patch cable is constructed with bend-insensitive fiber, optimized for multi-wavelengths, operating in the range of 850-950nm. This enables support of emerging Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexing (SWDM) applications that reduce parallel fiber count by at least a factor of four! Allowing the use of just two fibers (rather than eight) for transmitting 40 Gbs and 100 Gbs.

    These cables are backward compatible with existing OM4 networks and applications.

    Mode: Multimode OM5
    Connection Style: Duplex Connection Style
    Connector Type: LC to LC
    Fiber Type: 50/125µm
    Polish Type: UPC
    Typical Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.03 dB
    Maximum Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.30 dB