Ethernet Patch Cables

Network Patch Cables - Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A & Cat7

Whether you are buying cables for office, retail, or data center projects we have the cable for you. We stock a large selection of patch cables in various lengths and colors, to suit your needs. Don’t see what you need? We can also provide custom lengths too.

Cat5e - The cable standard that everyone knows. Available in two different boot styles, non-booted and shielded. Ideal for transmission rates up to 1Gbps, tested up to 350Mhz.

Cat6 - These cables support 1Gbps networking over long distances, and can support 10Gbps over shorter distances. Available in two boot styles, non-booted, two shielded types and mini. Tested up to 550Mhz.

Cat6A - These cables support 10Gbps networking and have excellent crosstalk characteristics. Available in booted, shielded and mini types.

Cat7 - Double shielded with better crosstalk characteristics than Cat6A, ideal for data center installations.