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Duplex Multimode Fiber Optic Cable, 10G, OM4 - Riser Rated

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Our riser rated duplex OM4 fiber optic cable is constructed of a tight buffer, aramid yarn, and a PVC outer jacket. All the materials used in the construction of this cable meet the EU RoHS and REACH Directive standards.

This fiber cable is UL Listed (OFNR - Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser) for vertical runs in riser shafts or from floor to floor. Surface print shows construction, NEC rating, fiber type, and also includes footage markers so you know exactly where you are!

The minimum and maximum order lengths (for non-freight deliveries) are shown in the table below. Please contact us for:

  • Longer lengths
  • Terminated ends
  • Pull-eyes

Email your request to [email protected]

If you want to order on-line and require more than one spool, please place separate orders for each spool.

This is a custom order, we cannot offer credits or returns!

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