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Cat8 SFTP Shielded Ethernet Patch Cable - 40G

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    CAT8 40G Snagless SFTP Shielded Network Patch Cable - 24AWG

    This Cat8 Ethernet patch cable is designed for high-speed data center networks. Cat8 has superior noise restriction and crosstalk performance than any of its predecessors. Each pair of wires is shielded with an aluminum mylar foil to reduce crosstalk. These cables also have a braided shield, which protects them from outside electromagnetic interference.

    Designed for Top-of-Rack and End-of-Row or Middle-of-Row network topologies capable of delivering 10, 25, and 40 Gigabit data rates over BASE-T technology with RJ45 ends, making it a drop-in replacement for existing Cat6a.

    Cat8 offers greater flexibility when compared to QSFP+ and Twinax DAC assemblies which typically cost significantly more and are often much more restrictive.


    Cable Type
    CAT8 Snagless
    Shielding Type
    Shielded (SFTP)
    Jacket Material
    PVC - Indoor Rated
    Conductor Material
    Bare Copper
    Conductor Type
    Data Rate
    Tested Frequency
    24 AWG
    Cable Outer Diameter
    8.0 ± 0.2mm
    Wiring Standard