Cat6A Slim Ethernet Patch Cable (28AWG) - 0.5ft to 25ft

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Our slim Cat6A Ethernet patch cables are constructed from 28 AWG cable. This makes them ideal for applications such as data centers where high performance and space saving is essential.

They are 10G ready, have a durable PVC jacket and are available in multiple lengths and nine colors.

What makes these cables “slim”?

These Ethernet cables are constructed with 28 AWG wire. This is smaller, or “slimmer” than regular 24 AWG wire. Yes, you did read that right, the larger the AWG number the thinner the cable!

What makes these cables high performance?

They are manufactured to meet and exceed the Cat6A TIA 568 C.2 standard, UL Listed and are Fluke tested!

All of these points together add up to an enterprise quality cable that has excellent cross-talk prevention, consistent and error-free 10G performance.

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