Cat6 Solid Plenum F/UTP Ethernet Cable, CMP Rated, 23 AWG - 1000ft

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This Cat6 cable's eight conductors (4-Pairs) are made from solid bare copper, the insulation is constructed with FEP insulation, and a Low Smoke FR-PVC CMP rated RoHS Compliant jacket.

Additionally, there is a tinned copper drain wire installed inside the foil shielding which is designed to prevent performance issues such as crosstalk and signal loss.

The foil shielding protects the cable from external electrical interference and also stops any interference from the cable affecting anything else. The cable is ETL Verified and designed for indoor use.

This is CMP Plenum Rated Cable, meaning that it is specifically designed to be used within ducts and other plenum areas without having to use conduit. Why is this important? This type of cable is specially engineered to be fire resistant and low smoke and low toxin producing when exposed directly to fire. Depending on your installation, you may be required to use plenum cable.

Bulk cable is heavy! Please contact us for orders of 10 or more.

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