Cat6 Slim Ethernet Patch Cable (28AWG) - 0.5ft to 20ft

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Our mini Cat6 Ethernet cables are only 28AWG, making the diameter of the cable 3mm! Regular 24AWG are 5.8mm in diameter! This means a remarkable reduction in space used over regular cables.

These small diameter patch cables are designed for large data-center wiring deployments or any other installation where space is at a premium. There are three main benefits to using slim patch cables:

  • The reduced surface area provides better airflow leading to reduced temperatures.
  • The thinner 28AWG conductors have a smaller bend radius than standard cables, allowing for easier routing in tight spaces.
  • Slim patch cables weigh less than standard counterparts, putting less stress on their connectors and patch panel ports, as well as reducing the overall weight of your installation.

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