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Cat5e Quick Feed Network Termination Tool Kit

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This network termination tool kit has everything you need to make, test and install custom UTP Cat5e patch cables.

The connectors included in the termination tool kit are easy and quick to install, and are available on the store for refilling your kit. The companion strain relief boot are easy to fit and have a professional look.

Cable Stripper and Cutter

This tool is designed to strip Cat5e bulk network cable. Its spring loaded design allows fast and clean cuts and strips. The large finger loop make it easy to spin the tool around the cable as well as being very light weight.

Quick Feed RJ45 Ratchet Crimp Tool

The ratcheted straight action crimping motion ensures an effective crimp every time, as well as cutting an excess cable from the front of the connector, all in one action!.

Network Cable Tester

Use the cable tester to quickly and easily verify your cable is fault free. It can test Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) cables. It can detect these conditions:

  • Open
  • Short
  • Mis-Wires
  • Reversal
  • Split pairs

Cat5e Quick Feed RJ45 Connector for Solid and Stranded Cable

The connector allows the individual wires to protrude through the front of the connector, allowing you to line all 8 wires up perfectly before crimping. Simply use our quick feed crimp tool to crimp and cut the wire in one simple action.

  • For Cat5e solid or stranded cable
  • Compatible with 23 AWG to 26 AWG Cables (OD under 6.5mm)
  • 3 prong gold plated conductors
  • Strain relief bar
  • Faster wire insertion with reduced waste
  • UL rated

Quick Feed RJ45 Strain Relief Boot

These strain relief boots are designed for our line of Quick Feed RJ45 modular plugs. Unlike standard slip on boot, they do not add to the width of the plug.

Simply slide them onto the back of the connector to give the cable strain relief and protect the locking tab too.

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