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Batwing J-Hook, 1 Inch to 4 Inch, UL Listed

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Batwing J-Hooks in Four Sizes

Our high-performance batwing J-Hooks are ideal for hanging network, coax or fiber cable as well as flexible conduit. They are constructed with steel and polypropylene, making them strong and easy to pull cables without damage. A reusable snap-lock retainer is included to secure your cable without the need for cable ties.

Use them for routing cables in data centers, warehouses, walls, and ceilings. They have a 2-inch wide base to prevent cable kinks and are plenum rated.

Key Features

  • Wide 2-inch base
  • Snap-lock retainer, no need for cable ties
  • Batwing clip
  • Easy slide surface, easy to pull cables over long distances
  • cULus Listed
  • Plenum rated
  • RoHS & TIA compliant

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