• Airconsole Standard 2.0L - GCAC-S-1-b1
  • Airconsole Standard 2.0L - GCAC-S-1-b1
  • Airconsole Standard 2.0L - GCAC-S-1-b1

Airconsole Standard 2.0L

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Item #: GCAC-S-1-b1
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    The low-cost console server you can connect to over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet!

    Airconsole Standard 2.0L is the ultimate accessory for all IT Professionals! It is designed to be compatible with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. It now comes with a larger 3,500Mah battery!

    Airconsole Standard 2.0L allows you to connect it to serial management (console) interfaces on a variety of devices:

    • Network equipment; Firewalls, Load Balancers, Switches
    • Blade enclosures
    • Storage Arrays
    • Any device with a serial management interface

    The Standard version offers 4-hour battery life and comes ready for direct connection to Cisco Console ports and other devices that use an RJ45 style serial port.

    The benefits of Airconsole

    Ever had a piece of production equipment down that you are responsible for fixing? Then you know that speed is everything! With Airconsole, all you need to do is turn it on, plug it in and access it with a smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can connect wirelessly over Bluetooth or peer-to-peer or infrastructure wireless.

    Imagine how quickly you can connect to a device with an Airconsole and a tablet. It only takes seconds, and you don’t have to be right next to the machine that you are servicing.

    Airconsole can be charged and powered through its micro USB port; its low power consumption means that you can use a regular phone charger.

    Put all these features together, and you have a highly portable, versatile, and efficient tool that will make your life easier!

    Serial Ports over Wi-Fi

    Connect to Airconsole over Wi-Fi from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac (requires a separate app) to access a serial management port.

    Airconsole supports the full RS-232 protocol:

    • Baud rates from 9.6k to 230k
    • 7/8 Data Bits
    • Odd/Even/No Parity
    • 1/2 stop bits
    • CTS/RTS and DSR/DTR hardware flow control

    Serial Port over Bluetooth

    Use Airconsole for access to serial ports over Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (depending on the client device).

    • BLE Serial connectivity is supported on iOS and OSX platforms at baud rates from 1200 to 57600bps.
    • Serial over Bluetooth 2.1EDR is supported on Windows and Android (using the free SerialBot app) at baud rates up to 115,200bps. All standard RS-232 settings are kept when connecting over Bluetooth.

    Bridge Wireless to Wired Ethernet

    Airconsole can be used as a wired to wireless Ethernet bridge! This will allow an iPad, iPhone, Android device, Mac, or PC that is connected to an Airconsole wirelessly to connect to a wired LAN.

    Airconsole is Fully Customizable

    Airconsole has a built-in web management interface for changing its default configuration. Some of the options are:

    • Encrypted or open Wi-Fi
    • Enabling routing
    • Static IP or DHCP Server
    • Firmware Upgrades

    Other Advanced Features

    • Machine-to-Machine mode: Connect serial devices back to back over an IP WAN using 2 Airconsole units
    • AP Client: Airconsole can join existing Wi-Fi networks while concurrently operating its WIFI network, and route between them (with or without NAT)
    • Built-in web-based terminal: Access serial console ports from any modern web browser directly instead of a terminal app.