12 Fiber Multimode OM4 MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Cable, Female-Female - Method B

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Item #: MTPT12-OM4-B
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  • Plenum-Rated
  • Multimode OM4 Fiber
  • Method B - Reversed Polarity
  • Terminated with MTP Female Connectors
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    This patch cable is terminated with female MTP connectors on both ends, has twelve fibers, and is OM4 rated.

    The cable is built in a “reversed” configuration, also referred to as Method B. Additionally this product is plenum rated, allowing in-wall installation without conduit.

    These cables are custom made - Exchanges or refunds are NOT possible.

    MTP/MPO is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.

    MPO Trunk Cable - Type B

    A “Type B” cable is also known as a reversed or “flipped” cable. This cable configuration has a key up MPO connector at each end.

    This connector configuration makes the fibers at each end of the cable have an inverted position. The fiber located at position 1 of connector “A” will arrive at position 12 on connector “B”.

    The figure below shows the fiber sequence of a 12 fiber MPO Method B cable:

    MTP Method B Configuration and Color Code