12 Fiber Multimode OM3 MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Cable, Female-Female - Method C

Item #: MTPT12-OM3-C-1M
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    This patch cable is terminated with female MTP connectors on both ends, has twelve fibers, and is OM3 rated.

    The cable is built in a “flipped” or “crossed pair” configuration, also referred to as Method C. Additionally this product is plenum rated, allowing in-wall installation without conduit.

    These cables are custom made - Exchanges or refunds are NOT possible.

    MTP/MPO is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.

    MPO Trunk Cable - Type C

    A “Type C” cable is also known as a pairs “flipped” cable. This cable configuration has a key up MPO connector on one end and a key down MPO connector on the opposite end.

    This configuration has each adjacent pair of fibers at one connector flipped at the other. This means each “pair” is crossed. For example, the fiber at position 1 on side A connects to position 2 at the other end of the cable. The fiber at position 2 on side B connects to position 1 on the connector on side A.

    The figure below shows the fiber sequence of a 12 fiber MPO Method C cable:

    MTP Method C Configuration and Color Codes