10ft Double Shielded Cat6 Patch Cable - Snagless, 550Mhz, S/FTP, 26AWG

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This Cat6 foil and braid shielded Ethernet patch cable has a bubble type locking tab protector, designed to give the ultimate protection against disconnections. It is ideal for patching static wiring closets or for applications where you want the maximum protection against disconnections.

The shielded construction of this cable is ideal for protection against extreme external electrical interference. It is constructed 26 AWG bare copper wire and a PVC jacket designed for indoor use.

  • 10 ft. tip to tip
  • Supports 1 Gbps data rate
  • 4-Pair 26AWG stranded pure copper conductors
  • Foil and braid shielding with drain wire
  • 50 micron gold plated contacts
  • PVC Jacket

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